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Share your stories in design

There are two types:

1. Your origin story can go as far back in time as you want. Maybe you have many origin stories of seminal moments that nudged you along.

2. Your pivotal story highlights a particular experience of growth, or difficulty, or failure, or triumph that brought you to a realization. 

You are welcome to share both. You are free to submit as many as you want.

Story format
90-100 words, roughly 500 characters, in 2-3 paragraphs – That’s the creative challenge. Summarize the essence into a theme readers can remember.

Why so short? The intended experience is a quick 30-40 second read within a mobile phone screen. No scrolling. No hesitation on time commitment. Just a quick moment of inspiration.

Submit your story

    The vision is to enjoy an abundant diversity of stories that inspire us and teach each other. Invite your closest fellow designers to join in.

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