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I enjoy reading non-fiction. I avidly seek out the history of startups that made it against all odds. My favorites are also biographies. I’m fascinated by accounts of how a person persevered when their path forward was uncertain.

As a designer I find this to be à propos while navigating a long term career – a journey fraught with uncertainties and personal growth.

I noticed over the past years that I had regularly sought out the stories of fellow designers on the About section of their portfolios, curious about their origin story.

Many inspired me. Many shaped how I perceived my career. I wanted to collect these stories so I could renew the influence of their optimism.

One morning when I was still in a half dream state, the idea crystallized of turning the collection of designers’ stories into a project, and to call a respected fellow designer to help get the ball rolling. And so I did.

There may be some of you who are also curious about how your fellow designers found their path, how they persevered and grew.

I invite you to share your stories

Kai Brunner

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